Dear Lord, What Happened?!?

I thought that my professional life would settle down following my last big project, and it actually ramped up. Arggghhhh!!!

Enough whining though, as I’ll just have to adjust and get back on track with writing every day and keeping this blog up to date.

In trying to get onto a regular game design schedule again I’ve reviewed all of my current Fudge projects:

  • SinisterForces – The Game: Things came to a halt

My Work is Done, Now Back to Work

Last week my company moved the corporate headquarters data center. I designed the move, so I was a key player in every part of the project. I worked a couple of all-nighters, and counted up my hours for the week at 90+. Needless to say, I didn’t have the time to work on SinisterForces (or be with my family, or workout, or sleep, etc.). I’ve done data center moves before

What is SinisterForces supposed to do?

SinisterForces is supposed to be filtered version of the Fudge system. That is it. No more, and no less.

Fudge is a great game designer’s kit, but in my opinion it is not a game itself. It isn’t even a game engine. It is a collection of parts and tools from which both games and game engines are built. You build games using Fudge instead of playing a game called Fudge

The Best Laid Plans…

I didn’t work on SinisterForces at all this weekend, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

Yes, I know that goes completely against how I’ve been pursuing the project but this weekend was exhausting and this upcoming week will be exhausting. Saturday I worked on one of my other projects which is a forum for GMs. I also worked on a post I’m writing for where I am a regular

Chapter 2 Completed!

I just finished Chapter 2 as I had planned to do before the end of this week. It feels good to set a goal and achieve it. Tomorrow I will begin on Chapter 3 which is the chapter on combat.

This will be a short post tonight, because I feel like I’ve been pushing it physically lately with work and other matters and I can feel the start of a cold

Just 2 More Sections Needed For Chapter 2

I’m going to try and complete Chapter 2 by tonight. I only have the Power and Gear sections left. The problem is that I am physically exhausted from this week (worked a lot of hours everday of this week except the holiday). I barely slept and I know that I am going to crash soon. I can just feel it this morning.

So the plan for today is to write during

Priorities, Life, and Finding Time to Write

So it looks like I am working a 12 hour day today, and today’s tasks required that I go to our disaster recovery/business continuity site which means I have to drive and lose my writing time on the train. Now I have a great job, but it does demand a lot of my time and that can impede upon my personal projects. This day I could easily justify not spending

Character Creation Chapter Proceeding Nicely

I just finished the Skills section during my morning train ride to work (it is over an hour long commute, great writing time). I now just need to focus on the Quirks, Powers, and Gear sections of the chapter. If I can keep at this current pace I will definitely hit my goal of finishing Chapter 2 before the end of this week.

I’ve learned a great deal about what works

Chapter 2 – Character Creation

Now that Chapter 1 is completed in its rough form it is time to move ahead with Chapter 2. Here is what I planned on doing for Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Character Creation
The Core Traits
Simple Quirks
Complex Quirks
Specialty Quirks

This chapter will take longer than Chapter 1 did to complete, because I don’t have a holiday to spend working on it and I don’t have as much raw material in my notes and