Chapter 2 – Character Creation

Now that Chapter 1 is completed in its rough form it is time to move ahead with Chapter 2. Here is what I planned on doing for Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Character Creation
The Core Traits
Simple Quirks
Complex Quirks
Specialty Quirks

This chapter will take longer than Chapter 1 did to complete, because I don’t have a holiday to spend working on it and I don’t have as much raw material in my notes and previous designs for the changes I am going to apply to character creation in this version.

Not including the Glossary, Appendixes (Skills, Spells, Gear, & Powers), and Index I have 7 more chapters to write according to my outline. So my goal for Chapter 2 is to finish the rough draft by the end of this week. If I can meet that goal I can better estimate how long it will take to complete the entire project. My gut tells me 6 weeks for the chapters, and 3 weeks for the rest. Not a bad pace for my first RPG I guess.

I am toying with the idea of releasing the chapters as standalone PDFs as they are finished, but still keep thinking that it would be better not to. It will show progress on the project in a very public manner, but so does this blog in a way. For now I’ll just stick with the blog and keep the chapters private until there is more meat on the first draft.