Dear Lord, What Happened?!?

I thought that my professional life would settle down following my last big project, and it actually ramped up. Arggghhhh!!!

Enough whining though, as I’ll just have to adjust and get back on track with writing every day and keeping this blog up to date.

In trying to get onto a regular game design schedule again I’ve reviewed all of my current Fudge projects:

  • SinisterForces – The Game: Things came to a halt and now need to be picked back up. This just means that I have to set aside time to write everyday.
  • SinisterForces – The Web Site: All of the software packages that the site uses need to be updated. Most important of these is the wiki as it is not saving changes to pages for some reason.
  • Translation of FUDGEQuest: I’m translating Pablo Jaime Conill’s FUDGEQuest from Spanish to English. The problem is that I don’t know Spanish, so I’m using Google Translator to do the work. It isn’t perfect, but the translation is coming along nicely.
  • FudgeSnacks Damage: I’ve collected a few damage systems and will release a doc soon.
  • FudgeSnacks Database: This project hasn’t made any progress lately.

Add to all of the above my other projects (writing for, running, trying to contribute to the FUDGE Roleplaying Game Yahoo! Group, running my D&D 4e campaign, playing in a D&D 4e campaign, work, raising a family, and tons of other things I’ve come to a startling conclusion:

I’ve got too much crap on my plate.

So I’m prioritizing everything in terms of what I can complete quickly. I don’t want to drop any of these projects, so I have to complete some of them and STOP taking on new ones (I’m a chronic workaholic). The other thing is that I am pushing back at my job. I have a very understanding boss who admits that I am going beyond my role with some tasks assigned to me (partly my fault, and partly others). He and I are working on removing me from the day to day operations of our business and back into the higher level design work.

Anyhow, if you know of any good tips for decreasing your workload let me know! Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and say “Yep, I’m not going to get all of this stuff done all at once.” and that is what I am going through right now.