Just 2 More Sections Needed For Chapter 2

I’m going to try and complete Chapter 2 by tonight. I only have the Power and Gear sections left. The problem is that I am physically exhausted from this week (worked a lot of hours everday of this week except the holiday). I barely slept and I know that I am going to crash soon. I can just feel it this morning.

So the plan for today is to write during the train ride home. I might do a little bit of work after this blog post, but my morning commute is also when I do my web thing and keep up to date on various web sites and answer emails. The evening commute is all about writing SinisterForces today.

That is the game plan. Finish the last two sections of Chapter 2 during my evening commute. Then get home, hug the kids, kiss the wife, and fall into a small coma until Saturday morning.