Priorities, Life, and Finding Time to Write

So it looks like I am working a 12 hour day today, and today’s tasks required that I go to our disaster recovery/business continuity site which means I have to drive and lose my writing time on the train. Now I have a great job, but it does demand a lot of my time and that can impede upon my personal projects. This day I could easily justify not spending any time on writing SinisterForces.

I am writing this blog entry to hold myself to writing everyday. More specifically, to work on SinisterForces everyday.

Writing a personal blog entry is easy. You don’t really have to edit the result if you don’t want to. You don’t have to think about the overall design and/or structure. You just write, and to make it even easier you write about whatever you feel like at that moment.

Crazy daffodils are seducing me with enchiladas verdes.

See? You just write whatever flows into your mind when posting to your blog. You aren’t really doing the tough writer’s block prone work of a more substantial project, and yet you get to say that you wrote something today. Sweet!

Yet by making a committment to work on SinisterForces everyday until the beta is completed and released for feedback I am putting my reputation on the line in some minor way. If I don’t write today, if I don’t work on SinisterForces for even a small amount of time today, I will feel as if I lied to those who might read this blog. Probably no one is reading it at this time, and maybe no one but myself ever will, but I will still feel like I let someone down somewhere.

Permission to make mistakes is one thing, but I can’t permit myself to not do what I said I would do unless soemthing that coould sidetrack my life happens (mauled by a bear, abducted by aliens, or discovering super powers are all acceptable reasons to slack off on writing the game).

I couldn’t write because I had to work? Poor baby. Tell everyone else who has to work long hours your sob story! I can’t accept that from myself.

So I’m going to take a break now from the job and get something done in Chapter 2. If I don’t write a comment after completing another section of Chapter 2 tonight then I am not serious about this game ever being done. Dear reader, find another blog written by someone who is serious about their goals if that turns out to be the case.

Time to write.