The Best Laid Plans…

I didn’t work on SinisterForces at all this weekend, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

Yes, I know that goes completely against how I’ve been pursuing the project but this weekend was exhausting and this upcoming week will be exhausting. Saturday I worked on one of my other projects which is a forum for GMs. I also worked on a post I’m writing for where I am a regular and founding contributor. Saturday was also game day where currently I GM a D&D 4e game for a group of friends. Add to that time spent with the kids and my wife, paying the bills, and other projects I didn’t have time to write anything for SinisterForces (I also forgot to work out).

What about Sunday? Work. From sun up until sun down I was working on a project that is quickly reaching its deadline. I like gaming, but IT pay my bills.

Now normally I would be furious at myself for missing two days in a row of working at all on SinisterForces, but I can’t beat myself up over this weekend. Because I tried to work on SinisterForces both days, and both attempts resulted in me falling asleep within moments out of a combination of being in a very comfortable chair (preferred writing spot) and pushing myself too hard (I somehow have managed to dodge that cold I was coming down with though). My wife found me both times out like a light and demanded that I get some rest (I love her for that kind of stuff).

Yeah I didn’t write this weekend, but I made the attempt and it isn’t like I was sitting around watching movies all day procrastinating.

And this week is going to be very difficult to find time to write. Two big projects at work, one of which requires all of next weekend to be spent in the office. Last week I felt like I made great progress on SinisterForces, this week I have to set aside evening train rides to make any type of progress on SinisterForces. So be it.

I guess the point that I am making here is that we should all know the difference between when we procrastinate and when we are truly too busy to write. It does happen at times and you can’t let it bother you. You just have to recognize those moments and plan as best you can to get in time to write a little each day.

Tonight’s train ride – write. Tomorrow’s post – something about game design and goals (I really want to blog a little about those).