Today's Agenda – Complete Chapter One

So my personal goal for today is to gather up all of my notes, and my previous drafts and to finish Chapter 1. Here are the contents for Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: The Core Rules
The Ranks Ladder
Fudge Dice
Power & Vampire Dice
Dice Rolls
Straight Rolls
Target Rolls
Contested Rolls

This will be a very quick and easy chapter to finish. My tweaks to what is considered the norm for most Fudge games is only in the areas of the Ranks Ladder and the addition of Power & Vampire dice to the game.

I won’t edit the chapter either. Again, the only goal here is to write that bad first draft. To embrace the fact that it will not be perfect but that it will be something that I can improve only if I write it first.

One step at a time.