Hmmm… Maybe I need help?

So a friend of mine is starting a GM consulting business (more of a hobby really, because he isn’t expecting to make much money and really just likes doing this sort of stuff), and I’m considering enlisting his services as he is a project manager in real life.

You see, I’ve come to conclusion that I’m not going to finish SinisterForces on my own. I need help, and I need it now. The problem is that while I have players who will gladly play Fudge if I run it, and I have people who will give me their opinions on how SinisterForces should work, I don’t have anyone who wants to actually help with the creation of the game.

At first I didn’t think that this would matter, but now I am beginning to understand that it does. I’m not writing SinisterForces for myself. I’m writing SinisterForces for myself and others. I need to get feedback and hear what others have to say on the progress of the game. I also need others to write up their own rules and proposals and to provide more materials for the game.

So I’m going to make an offer to my buddy DNAPhil and his GM4Hire project to see if he can help me build the infrastructure and community that I need to finish the project. I’m also going to start asking for help from the Fudge community itself over at the Fudge Roleplaying Game Yahoo! Group.

On a side note, I’ve finished a spreadsheet that shows the odds of a Fudge dice roll when various combinations of Power and Vampire dice are added. Check it out here.