Trim Back To Get Moving Again

So I’m revising my outline for SinisterForces and not changing anything. Instead I’m cutting back on what I wanted to do with the game, or at least shortening what I’ve decided to keep. I don’t want to go back to the drawing board, because I’ve been down that road and you just find yourself in an endless loop. This is different, because I’m stripping the system down to what makes it a unique version of Fudge. I’m streamlining it to be my version of Fudge.

Now the benefits are that I’m getting closer to being done with the beta of the game, and that I’ll be able to foucs more on what makes my version of Fudge unique. The cons are that I won’t have everything that I originally wanted in the beta, and that the system won’t have as many goodies for the players. Yet scaling back is better because it gets something out there for people to start reading and commenting on.

What makes my version of Fudge unique? The damage and magic systems, plus my Power/Vampire die mechanic. Those are the things I should be focussing on and getting out to the public. I’m going to call this first version the SinisterForces Core Rules. From there I’ll work on expanding the line, beginning with my Holy War game concept and a tribute to TSR’s Top Secret /S.I. game (one of my all time favorite games) using SinisterForce’s as the core system (which means that Fudge is the real core mechanic of the game).

Plus I’m going to start releasing what I have in pieces. One chapter at a time. Maybe if I post the chapters that motivation to get the next chapter finished will be even stronger. I’m hoping for exponential effect here.

A little shift in my approach, but a good one. Scale back when bogged down and keep those good ideas for the next release.