Free RPG Day – One Month Fudge Adventure Challenge Play Test

On Free RPG Day this last Saturday, June 20th, I ran an event for my local game shop at the request of the owner. What did I run? A Fudge game of course! But not just any Fudge game! I did a test run of my One Month Fudge Adventure Challenge!

I expected the adventure to need a lot of work, but it went surprisingly well. The group of five players (three of which had played Fudge before) did very well in working with me to play test the adventure. They were willing to play a loose and fast game, as well as to play using some of my custom rules (note to self: initiative rules worked great but damage rules need a little bit more work).

The adventure was a zombie apocalypse game where the PCs had to clear, defend, and search an abandoned home while a never ending horde of zombies attacked the dwelling. I didn’t bother with a lot of details. With movement I just declared how far a figure could move if they were a player character, while the zombies moved approximately five inches per turn. I used my mass combat rules which I covered here, and they played well given the genre.

I let the players search the rooms of the home for various items with which to defend themselves. The better the results of the Fudge dice roll the better the item that was found. This helped a lot because the longer the game played for the more zombies kept appearing to attack the players. It was a classic zombie film move, and at the end of the game the players were surrounded by a swarm of flesh eating zombies!

There are some details that I still need to work out, but as one of the players said it was “tight” and played well. Now I need to refine the rules a bit and finish typing it all up.

Anyone else run a Fudge game for Free RPG Day? If so, chare your experience with the rest of us and leave a comment below!