Freeing Up Time for Fudge

I have been wrapping up other commitments in order to focus solely on Fudge in 2010. This is a surprisingly difficult thing to do. You have to be very honest with yourself and face the facts; You cannot do it all. This is why I will only be developing two works in 2010.

The first is the SinisterForces Fudge Game Designer’s Kit, or GDK. This document is meant to help others develop their own games using Fudge. It will not provide any rules or modules, but it will outline a process for taking a game concept and turning it into a reality by using Fudge. It is not meant to be longer than forty-eight pages.

I am turning to others for help with this. I have designed a great deal of rules and setting materials for my private games, but I’m not kidding myself into thinking that I am a publisher. I do believe that I can direct this project though.

I want to capture my development routine onto paper. I also want to include tips and tricks from other Fudge enthusiasts. I am sure that I have more to learn than I have to offer.

The second project is a magic system that I have been toying with for four years now. This I will be offering as a module that anyone can plug into their Fudge game. It uses an innovative mechanic that is not very Fudge-like at all, but that I feel compliments the Fudge core mechanic very well.

Work on the GDK and the magic module begins for both projects in January. From now until then I’ll be focussing on the Fudge Creatures: A to Z series again.

I am really excited about this, and I have been making changes to the site in order to recruit others into helping. I am tying the site, my Facebook page, and my Twitter account together through plugins and apps. I want to spread the word through multiple approaches.

I am also taking greater advantage of my mobile device to develop some parts of these projects with tools like Google Docs accessed with Google’s Mobile Apps. In fact, this post was written on a mobile device with the new WordPress for BlackBerry app. How cool is that?

But best of all I am running more Fudge games and introducing people to the Fudge system whenever possible. At my local game shop a lot of people are getting to know Fudge through my pick up games. I hope to start a new Fudge play testing campaign this winter with some of these new fans as players.

So that is how things are shaping up for 2010. The GDK proposal will be posted here sometime in early December. The magic module will be developed at a slower pace, as that is going to be my personal project.

What are others working on? What Fudge projects are you looking forward to seeing completed in the near future? Leave your comments below and share your ideas with others.