Dear Santa – I Want a Fudge GM!

Dear Santa,

Even though I am thirty-four years old I am writing you tonight full of Christmas hope and cheer. I have been very good this year.

Well, more like I was not very naughty this year.

Alright, I did not kill anyone this year (yet, holiday traffic tends to piss me off) and unless you want me to hike on up to the North Pole on December 26th and shove a Christmas tree up your fat ass sideways you better give me what I want. Am I clear like crystal on this one?

Good. Back to business.

What I want is my very own Fudge game master! You see, I love how simple and elegant the Fudge role playing game is. The Fudge RPG can have a great tactical feel to it with a little tweaking of the core mechanics. Yet the Fudge RPG is also versatile enough to allow for a story driven game that plays fast and loose. Fudge is my favorite RPG system by far!

But I never get to play Fudge.

I run Fudge on a regular basis. I arrange Fudge events for the public. I contribute to the Fudge RPG as best I can.

Yet I never get to play Fudge as an actual player! I have never seen a Fudge game listed in a convention event catalog unless it was a game that I was running despite filling every seat at the table for my games.

I know the fans of Fudge are out there, and I want to see them running more games for the general public. How can the Fudge RPG fan base grow unless we fans of Fudge run games for other gamers?

So please inspire other Fudge RPG enthusiasts to register to run Fudge events at RPG conventions in 2010. More Fudge GMs means more Fudge games, and more Fudge games will lead to more Fudge fans!



P.S. Thanks for the coal last year! It was just what I needed to throw through the neighbor’s windows. How did you know?