Hot Off the Presses! Prototype Character Sheet

Working on my system today I decided to focus on the character sheet design. From here you can download the prototype. This sheet is designed around the damage system that I described a few days ago. I hope that it is easy to follow and makes the book keeping of taking damage to attributes easier to deal with.

Each attribute has its own column with a box at the top to write in the rank. You write in the skills linked to the four attributes (Physical, Mental, Social, and Spiritual) within each column. At the bottom of each column you can keep track of damage to each attribute. Since different ranks have different numbers of damage slots and different capacities for those damage slots the player can customize those details for each attribute. Note that the last two rows of the columns have a label to the right that denotes the modifier to all rolls if an attribute is lowered to either the level of Agony or Incapacitated.

Check it out and comment on what you like or do not like. The character sheet is here for others to give feedback on it.