UPDATE: Two Steps Forward – Fudge GDK Proposal & #4dF (not #frpg)

One of the things that I think makes the Fudge RPG stand out compared to other systems is that so many of the innovations in Fudge have come from the fans themselves. With the hope of encouraging those innovations even further I am proposing a new tool for Fudge game design, and a new way to use Twitter to share Fudge material with.

Today I have released version 0.1 of my Fudge Game Designer’s Kit proposal to various parts of the Fudge community. This document outlines why there should be a Fudge GDK, what the contents of the product would be, and how the product would be developed. Anyone interested in being a part of this project should read the PDF and contact me via email at the address that the document provides.

My hope is that by laying out possible approaches to producing a game, supplement, or even just a set of optional rules for Fudge that the Fudge GDK will help both professionals and amateurs with the development of new Fudge products.

I also want to promote the use of #frpg #4dF amongst Fudge enthusiasts who use Twitter. In twitter posts, known as tweets, you can use the hash symbol to make a tweet easier to find when searching Twitter for content. By using #4dF in our tweets about Fudge products, projects, or even an observation about the Fudge RPG we can easily search and find any tweets related to our favorite game system. This not only will help us find information on Fudge, but it will also help us to find each other as well.

Why #4dF? It is easy to remember, and it is only four characters long so that you can make the most of the tweet itself. Plus a search for the tag revealed that it has never been used before in existing tweets.

*** UPDATE: I just learned that Mark Cunningham who blogs at The Dead One and who is working on his own Fudge RPG titled Lost Heroes tried to promote the #frpg tag in the past. Others preferred to use #fudgerpg instead, but I believe that Mark was on the right track and that #frpg is the better choice. You only have 140 characters in a tweet, so eliminating 4 characters is worth it. ***

***UPDATED UPDATE: Rob Knop made the suggestion of using #4dF on the Fudge Community Yahoo! Groups page. It is much better than the original suggestion of using #frpg in my opinion. Mark Cunningham is listing tweets with #4dF in the Monster FudgeRPG Feed. ***

What are others doing to promote Fudge, share information on the Fudge RPG with others, and to help with the creation of new Fudge products? Let others know by posting your comments below. The more organized we become as a community the better the Fudge RPG will be.