What The Hell Happened?

Many weeks ago I ran my game for friends using my new damage system and other changes such as a bidding system to take narrative control with. Long story short: The game fell flat on its face.

A lot of design work, and some vey bad results. Oh well! That is to be expected, and that is why I play tested the system first. No race to publish anything from me. I want to create a quality game.

What I Learned:

Fudge has a breaking point that you near as complexity is introduced. I am sure some will argue that statement, but as I reflect upon all of the Fudge games that I have ever played it is obvious to me that the best games were the simplest games. Those games were also story focused and tended to have either a strong narrator or shared narrative control very well amongst the group.

I introduced too much complexity into my game while still trying to keep it β€œFudgey”. It did not work, and it has never worked for me. I do not believe that it has worked for Fudge in general though, because all of the published games that I have are really just setting material for the 1995 edition of the Fudge rules. The more I think about it, the more I see how so much material for Fudge is actually either optional rules or setting material. There are no products that jump to my mind that are the total package, with the exception of FATE.

What Is Next:

I have no idea. I have been trying to create an interesting Fudge game for quite some time now, and I still have no working prototype. I ordered some books on game design to learn from while I take a step back and think about what I really want to do here. I might not be cut out to write an RPG, and perhaps I need to partner with someone else to help bring my vision to life.

A big part of the problem is time. I work a lot of hours. This is not a bad thing though, because I am very well paid for what I do. Yet it does put a crimp on my creative efforts outside of work. I enjoy my job a great deal, and it come with financial rewards far greater than what a successful RPG product would bring me. So when push comes to shove my job wins over my hobby any day of the week. Add my family to the mix and it is a no-brainer: RPGs come in dead last when work, wife, or kids also need my attention.

Switching Gears

I think what I need to do now is just complete a project for Fudge. Forget writing a whole game. It is more than I can handle right now. For right now I’m going to focus writing a four page adventure with four NPCs and one map. Why those numbers? Because. That is why. πŸ™‚

This will be my incredibly late submission for the One Month Adventure Challenge, and I will run this adventure for this year’s Day of Fudge events.

If the adventure is done well, I’ll then focus on finishing my Creature & Monsters: A to Z series. If and when the time comes I will take up the task of writing an RPG again.