In Search of Help – Preparing the Site for Content

I had a wonderful experience at Gen Con and with some private games that I believe SinisterForces is ready to be made available to the public.  I have also learned that I am not a publisher, but instead I am a game designer.  I have no interest in doing layout work and making arrangements with printers.  Plus I doubt that there is enough money in publishing an RPG that would be worth my time.  I can focus on my career and make considerably more and still enjoy what I do (tech is fun for me).

What I love to do is to create new material, design new methodologies, and to lead others in the pursuit of a goal.  So I am working on either migrating my blog into a CMS, such as Tiki CMS or Joomla, or sharing the WordPress user accounts with a CMS so that I can publish my content and open it up to the community for contributions.

The first phase of this project will be all me.  I do not want others involved while the core content is being uploaded.  Once that foundation is laid I will invite others to contribute, but this will not be a lead by committee project.  I will have an approval process and I will have final say on all matters.

I do need help though in preparing the site for this purpose.  If you have any experience with CMS sites please contact me.  I am willing to pay for expertise in order to make this project the best that it can be.  This also includes creating an appropriate theme and designing a logo for SinisterForces.

If interested in helping me with this work, whether as a volunteer or for pay just leave a comment below.  Any work for pay will be discussed in private via email.  I look forward to your responses.