The Next Six Months

Once Budge is released on January 31st I will begin working on a small setting for it that will be made available to the public for free.  I hope to have that finished by the end of February this year.  Depending upon how that project goes I will assess whether or not I can produce these micro settings for Budge each month or two.

I am about to sign a deal to collaborate on another book from Engine Publishing (sorry, I cannot disclose the details at this time).  That will probably be my main focus for February and March.  I am also working on a manuscript to be completed by June that a publisher is interested in (again, I cannot disclose the details).  That is going to keep me busy from March all the way through to July.

So those are my current projects for the next six months.  Once they are off of my plate I will work on taking what I have learned from developing the Budge micro settings and from user feedback on Budge to produce the first major revision of Budge.

How am I doing all of this writing?  Well I have given up other hobbies, and I have hired a project manager who has done a great job of keeping me on track.  You have to make sacrifices and invest in your projects if you want to see them develop into something more.

So what are others working on out there, and what is your plan to see it happen?