If I Don’t Complain About It, Then I Don’t Like It!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

An associate said to me “For a supposed Fudge fan you sure do complain about the system a lot!”

My response was “Yeah, and your point is?”

I am absolutely thrilled with Fudge. I think that it is a wonderful RPG system, and that it is a versatile one as well. It is my system of choice without a doubt.

That is why I’m going to find every little flaw that I can with Fudge. I’m going to try and uncover all of the bugs and proclaim them to the world because I want to see those bugs and flaws removed. Maybe I’m going to resolve the bug, or maybe someone who reads my complaint will, but complaining in order to bring attention to a problem so that the problem may be solved is part of the process of innovation. Improvements aren’t made because everything is fine with a product. Improvements are the result of someone acknowledging and resolving a problem or limitation.

You know what refusing to see the flaws in your favorite product is? Zealotry. I don’t have time for that. Find a fanboy if all you want to hear is how great Fudge is. I’m too busy trying to make it greater.