5 Items For Your Fantasy Fudge Game

Swords and shields! Wands and staffs! Cloaks and crowns! These are the types of treasure and items that gamers crave in their fantasy games. Here are five for you to use as you wish the next time you feel like slinging Fudge dice around in an age of knights and wizards.

The Sword of the Vortex

Nothing says fantasy game loot like a kick ass magic sword, and that is exactly what the Sword of the Vortex is! This bastard sword has a hilt decorated with patterns similar to currents of air flow. When the wielder activates its special ability with a Fudge point powerful gusts of wind drag nearby targets towards the wielder.

Offensive Damage Factor: +3

Value: Superb

Special Attack – Vortex Pull: The wielder picks a single target and spends a Fudge point. The PC rolls their Sword skill against a difficulty determined by the GM. If successful the target is dragged to be adjacent to the wielder who may attack immediately. Failure causes the target to fall to their knees for one turn.

Raskin’s Never-ending Torch

This item looks like a simple two foot wooden handle with a metal ring on one end. When the bearer holds it and speaks a certain phrase a flame appears from the metal ring providing a light source ranging from Mediocre to Good according to the bearer’s wishes. Unfortunately the torch can only burn for one hour a day, but that time is cumulative so the bearer may use it for five minutes here our ten minutes there.

Value: Great

The Beggar’s Coin

This cursed item is a source of misery for any who carry it. It looks like a normal coin with a heavy tarnish on it and is usually found in the clutches of a corpse. When used to pay for an item or service bad luck is sure to follow. The item will fail to work, and the service will not be completed no matter how skilled the craftsperson is. Even worse, the coin may stay with the buyer and magically reappear in his or her coin purse. Every time the person reaches into their purse that Beggar’s coin will appear in their hand.

The only way to rid oneself of the coin is to find a beggar and fulfill a quest for that person. At the end of the quest the coin will magically appear in the beggar’s purse and will no longer be tarnished. The beggar will feel a great sense of gratitude towards the person who completes the quest, and will repay their kindness when it is least expected but most needed.

Value: Terrible (but only to those who recognize what it truly is)

Wondrous Spell Book

Many a wizard has dueled to the death in order to obtain a Wondrous Spell Book. These leather bound tomes have pages made of pure silver with gold lettering upon them.

A wizard in need of the perfect spell needs only to open this spell book and concentrate. The spell book’s pages will then automatically flip to the most most appropriate spell for the situation that the spell caster is capable of using. Sometimes the spell may not make sense to the spell caster, but the spell’s results always brings some benefit to the caster and his or her allies.

Unfortunately Wondrous Spell Books have a limited number of uses. One day the spell book will vanish on the caster only to reappear somewhere else in the world far away.

Value: Legendary

Special Ability – Perfect Spell: The caster must spend a Fudge point and then make a roll using the appropriate spell casting skill. The relative degree of the roll compared to the rank of the spell caster’s skill determines how obvious the application of the spell is to the situation. A result of Fair or better will produce a spell that has a very straight forward application (Fireball, Invisibility, etc.). A roll of Mediocre or worse makes the application of the spell more difficult to determine (a glue spell that could be used to hold a door shut against a charging enemy for instance). A spell caster can take some time to determine how the spell could be used, but activating the item again causes that spell to vanish immediately.

If the spell caster ever rolls a –4 result with the Fudge dice while using the Wondrous Spell book it immediately vanishes and the Fudge point is still spent.

Cloak of the Night Owl

This cloak is made of leather with hundreds of owl feathers stitched into perfect place upon its exterior. When worn at night it grants the ability to leap far beyond one’s normal abilities without making a sound. It is a favorite of both spies and assassins, so being caught in possession of one may carry tremendous consequences for its owner.

Value: Great

Special Ability – Silent Leap: This ability can only be used at night time regardless of how dark the current location is. The wearer chooses a target to land upon within 100 yards of where he or she is currently located. The wearer spends a Fudge point and makes an Athletics skill roll. The result is used to determine how accurate of a leap the wearer has made. No matter the result the wearer will land safely on even the most narrow of surfaces (tree limbs, ledges, etc.). The wearer may have to make several leaps to reach his or her target.

Whenever the wearer makes a leap he or she moves with Superb silence, unless the wearer does something while leaping to cause noise deliberately (yelling, using a loud contraption, etc.).


I hope that you found these fantasy Fudge items interesting. If you like them, please leave a comment below.