5 Items For Your Sci-Fi Fudge Game

Laser guns, force fields, pocket super computers, bionic implants, and any form of technical marvel that your mind can fathom can be found in the tomes of science fiction. Here are some items that you can throw into your own sci-fi Fudge game when you want a cool gizmo to accentuate the PC’s sonic whatchamacallits and nuclear doohickeys.

Sonar Mapping Helmet

This simple piece of military equipment comes in a wide variety of various camouflage patterns and colors, as well as the ever fashionable S.W.A.T. black. Paired with a set of H.U.D. (heads-up display) goggles the helmet emits a form of active sonar that maps the wearer’s immediate surrounding up to 50’ in all directions except for a mere 5’ for the area beneath the wearer. When a possible threat is detected by the AI (artificial intelligence) software used by the helmet’s sensors the H.U.D. goggles will flash a red overlay onto the wearer’s field of vision and will either display a target upon the possible threat, or arrows will appear pointing at the direction the wearer should turn in order to face the threat.

Defensive Damage Factor: +1 (+2 for head shots against the wearer)

Special Abilities: The wearer has Great intuition against falling into an ambush or being surprised when in range of the threat.

Technical Flaws: The AI will not detect threats disguised to appear as something else (rifle hidden in an umbrella or crutch for example).

Value: Good

Emergency EVA Bubble Belt

When working in deep space there is always the chance that your primary EVA (extravehicular activity) suit will become compromised, or perhaps you are thrown into an airlock and jettisoned into deep space by one of your enemies. These things happen, but with your emergency EVA bubble belt you have a chance of surviving. Upon detecting a major loss in pressure a small explosive charge creates an opening on any standard EVA suit (warning: never wear the belt inside out or carry something near your waist when using the belt). Through that opening a quick expanding translucent nanotech bubble rapidly expands to encase the wearer in a protective airtight compartment that deflects all but the highest doses of cosmic radiation. With 1 hour of air recycling functionality you can float harmlessly in space until a rescue vessel brings you back into a safe pressurized environment.

Defensive Damage Factor: +1 when activated (but the occupant can make no attacks that would compromise the bubble)

Special Abilities: Can be rigged to cause a mediocre explosion with a Good result with an appropriate skill check. Can also be used as a flotation device.

Technical Flaws: Put the belt on wrong and you will have a mediocre explosion go off on you privates right before being sucked into the cold vacuum of space.

Value: Fair

Shape Shifting Teeth

Dental records are an effective way to identify the living in an age when the police can scan the inside of your mouth from a distance without you even knowing it. Plus human teeth are a poor form of weaponry. With shape shifting teeth you can both protect your identity and cause serious harm to any foe foolish enough to come within biting distance of you. Simply manipulate the micro switch on the rear molar with your tongue, and your teeth will change randomly to become a new unregistered dental record. Activate the combat mode and you will have 32 razor sharp fangs that are perfect for unleashing your inner savage warrior with! They are also self-cleaning, so you will never need another toothbrush and your breath will always be minty fresh.

Offensive Damage Factor: +1 when teeth are in combat mode and the target can be bitten.

Special Abilities: Gives the user a +2 bonus on bypassing certain security systems.

Technical Flaws: When using the teeth in combat mode any attack roll where the result is –4 on the Fudge dice means that the user has damaged their own tongue and may have suffered a serious wound.

Value: Mediocre

Kinetic Energy Storage Suit

This skintight outfit dampens the physical force exerted by its wearer until it has reached its maximum storage capacity. The wearer may then tap into the suit’s reserves in order to amplify various feats of athleticism from lifting heavy objects to leaping great distances. The suit only works for a 24 hour period once activated, and is useless once that time has passed other than to provide basic clothing with.

Special Ability: The wearer may declare to be charging the suit before making any form of an athletic skill or physical attribute check that requires motion. The check is then given a –1 penalty, but the wearer banks a +1 modifier for later use with a similar type of check. Up to 5 +1 modifiers may be banked, and the wearer may use them cumulatively for a check by declaring how much of a modifier the wearer wants to apply before making the check. Once used the modifiers are lost until the suit is recharged.

Technical Flaws: The suit may not be dry cleaned.

Value: Great

Biorhythmic Homing Bullet

If a person is able to obtain an accurate biorhythmic scan of a target (which can be an adventure unto itself) then this bullet can be programmed to hit that target. The user must still aim the appropriate firearm at the target for three whole seconds before firing. At that point the bullet will adjust its course in flight to hit the target for maximum damage. There have even been cases of the bullet zipping around corners in order to strike a victim, or maneuvering itself through the openings of a partial obstacle like a wire cage. The possession of such ammo or the firearm needed to use is often illegal in most territories.

Offensive Damage Factor: +6 with an attack roll of Good or better, otherwise the ODF is +3.

Special Ability: Grants the user a +2 on their attack roll if one round is spent aiming.

Technical Flaws: On an attack roll of –4 the bullet tries to correct its trajectory too soon and blows up in the chamber of the weapon that fired it. The weapon is destroyed, and the attacker takes damage from a Fair attack.

Value: Legendary for the bullet, and Superb for a firearm capable of firing it (such items are very difficult to obtain).


I hope this gives you some cool stuff to use for your next sci-f Fudge game. As always feel free to comment on this post with what you like and what you do not like about the items.