Excuses Are Nothing More Than Excuses

I set a goal for this site to blog everyday. I am busy as can be this week. The “Day of Fudge” is this weekend, my birthday is Thursday (which means I need to have my schedule cleared to spend time with my family), work is work, and this Friday I am watching my kids so that my wife can enjoy her Mother’s Day gift (2 tickets to see Glee! Live in concert). I have no free time this week. The last thing that I want to do is write for my blog this week, just because writing is hard.

Whatever. Lots of things are hard to do. Some soldier is fighting for his or her life in Afghanistan right now. That is a hell of a lot harder than me having to stick to my writing goals. What do I have to complain about?

I can make excuses to not write. I can use those excuses to justify not writing. But excuses are self-inflicted wounds. You fail when you decide to make an excuse. You cannot succeed when you spend your time looking for a way out instead of doing the work.

So I will not allow myself the luxury of an excuse this week. Every weekday you will see a new article on this site. Some might be better than others, but every weekday an article will be here and not an excuse.

Are you a blogger? Do you get tempted to skip a day and make an excuse? If so how do you overcome that temptation? Leave a comment below and share your tips with the rest of us for writing even when you do not want to.