Fudge Item: The Freeze Ray

One of the staples of science fiction and comic book weaponry is the Freeze Ray! With a single zap your enemies are rendered harmless and unable to move as a subzero shell of ice encases them. Few have the technology to create such a sophisticated and at the same time diabolical contraption, but in the right hands it can be the perfect armament for a pacifist who wishes to restrain and not kill the target.freezeray

Basic Stats

The Freeze Ray has a range based upon its wielder’s appropriate skill rank, but never greater than a rank of Fair. The Freeze Ray can fire up to a maximum of 10 shots before it requires a recharge of one minute per shot fired up to its maximum load, although an external battery pack may augment this. If an external battery pack is used the connector between it and the Freeze Ray may be severed with a targeted attack of Great or better. Freeze Rays that use an external battery pack lose all charges immediately upon having the battery pack connection severed.

Special Damage

A Freeze Ray is not normally lethal unless a concentrated attack is made against a target. When a Freeze Ray hits a target it does not cause actual damage, but instead imposes the appropriate penalties temporarily for approximately 6 seconds. If the same target is attacked continuously this “damage” is cumulative. Thus a steady stream of successful Freeze Ray attacks will eventually render a target Incapacitated. Once a target is Incapacitated it requires an appropriate gift, power, or outside action to remove the effects of the Freeze Ray blast. Otherwise the target needs one hour to thaw out at which point the target is unharmed.

When a target is rendered Incapacitated by a Freeze Ray attack there are two lethal attacks that may be made:

  1. A physical attack meant to shatter the target will kill the target if the attack is of a Great or better rank.
  2. The attacker can kill the target if the attacker continues to attack the target with the Freeze Ray for two more attack rounds without being interrupted or missing the target. This freezes the target so thoroughly that even when the target is thawed out it is dead.


An attacker wielding a Freeze Ray is vulnerable to attacks made against the Freeze Ray itself. If an attack targets the Freeze Ray and is of a rank high enough to destroy the Freeze Ray (GM’s discretion, but a rank of Superb should suffice) the attacker must roll a single Fudge die. If the result is “-“ then the attacker is instantly frozen solid and rendered Incapacitated by the Freeze Ray malfunctioning. The attacker will need three hours to thaw out at which time they will emerge in a state of being Very Hurt and will continue to heal as normal. The attacker may be killed by being shattered as previously described.


I hope you like this bit of Fudge gear, and if you do please leave a comment below!