Gnome Stew Nominated for an ENnie!

Great news! I am one of ten authors who write for the blog Gnome Stew and the site has been nominated for the second year in a row for an ENnie in the Best Blog category. Last year Gnome Stew took home a Silver ENnie, and this year we are aiming for gold!

It makes me feel great when a project that I am a part of is recognized for excellence. Gnome Stew is a blog that I have worked hard to support in whatever way I can, and being nominated for an ENnie shows me that my work is not going unnoticed. Of course, all of the work that I have put into the site is matched by nine other contributors and that is the real secret of Gnome Stew’s success. Great teams are what make great things happen!

This is such a thrill, and I will be sure to keep you all informed of when you can vote for your favorite pointy hat wearing bloggers to get the ENnies gold this year! Until then, keep checking out Gnome Stew daily for the best articles on GMing that you can find on the web!