I Need Help With Creating PDF Forms & Learning Scribus

I have decided that I need to start creating PDF forms to give to people for various projects, such as my Pudge project. I also want to learn how to do layout work, so that I can begin creating more professional looking documents. I am not ready to fork over a lot of money for Adobe Acrobat X though, because I want to try out Scribus instead.

Why Scribus?

The obvious reason is that it is free. If it can do everything that I want it to do for free, then why should I buy a product? Being thrifty is a goal of mine. If it cannot do what I want it to, then I will look into buying software that can.

Another reason is that I like to show my support for open source solutions that work. I think it is great that certain open source applications have become basic essentials for many users. WordPress, 7-Zip, Chrome, and so many other great open source products are out there for all of us to use and contribute to. If Scribus works for me you can bet that I will be telling others about it and spreading the good word.

So if you know how to use Scribus and can share some pointers with me that would be great! If you know a thing or two about PDF form design I want to hear from you also! Leave a comment below, tweet meĀ @SinisterForces, or email me at Patrick.Benson@SinisterForces.com. I appreciate any help that others can offer, and I look forward to hearing from you.