In Need of a Good Custom Form Plugin for WordPress

I want to make the Pudge (Pocket Fudge) project one that is easy for people to create content for. This is why I want to create a page that has a form that a contributor can access via any browser. The idea is that since I have clearly stated the design specifications I should also be able to have a form that conforms to the design specifications. Contributors then only need to fire up their browsers, point them at my site, and create the cards by typing away inside of their browsers.

Why do I want to do use this method? It will ensure that any user of any OS will be able to participate. I would hate for someone to be eliminated from helping out just because the system that I use for collecting the submissions is not friendly to the user’s OS of choice. The other reason to use an online form is to capture every submission in my site’s database. That way I have all of the data in one spot and can then develop multiple ways to produce output from it.

But I am not going to wait until I have the form is ready to start collecting contributions. Tomorrow I will share another way in which people may contribute to the project right now, and then on Wednesday I will share the first chapters from the Fudge SRD to be converted into index cards.

Any suggestions for a custom form plugin for WordPress? Suggestions as to which Fudge SRD chapters should be converted first? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!