Off To Las Vegas, Where Gaming Means Something Else Entirely!

For the next week I will be in Las Vegas, Nevada for the VMworld 2011 conference. Obviously this is a work thing, but I really enjoy working with technology and virtualization is fun technology!

So while I am there from Sunday until Friday morning I’d like to check out some of the non-tourist stuff (although tourist attractions are fine things despite the cynicism that some people have for them). I’ve arranged to meet with Lenny Balsera of The Dresden Files RPG who is a Las Vegas native, and who was nice enough to agree to an interview for Gnome Stew. For that I will be treating Lenny to dinner, because it is the least I can do and interviews are always better when they are casual in my opinion. Plus I want to thank Fred Hicks here for introducing me to Lenny via email. The RPG community is one of the greatest tribes to belong to!

I will obviously take part in some business dinners while I am at the conference, and Sunday I am going to go see Penn & Teller live again because I am a huge fan of their honesty (of course I like their conjuring skills too). In fact, let me just say that whenever I go to Las Vegas I make it a point to see Penn & Teller live just to show my support for not only their art but their morality. But I guess that is the only event that can be considered a tourist attraction that I will go out of my way to attend while in Las Vegas.

What else should I check out while in Las Vegas? If you know of a cool place that is not part of the typical Las Vegas experience share it with me via the comments below. Especially leave a comment if you know of a cool game shop with RPGs that I could visit!

And don’t worry about next week being a dead blog, because I will be posting even while in Las Vegas. 🙂