What are Your Favorite Social Conflict Rules for Fudge?

Today Iā€™m not posing content, but instead I am asking for content. I want to know how you handle social conflicts in Fudge games. Or if you do not have any special method of dealing with social conflicts via Fudge then tell me about how other games handle social conflicts.

I am asking so that I can use or convert this material for my Pudge project, so do not be shy with your suggestions. Should Fudge have separate rules for handling social conflicts? Do other games have better methods for dealing with in-game social conflicts? I need suggestions, and input from fans of Fudge and RPGs in general. Please take a moment to think about this and then leave a comment below with a suggestion or tip!

Thanks to everyone who responds! I really appreciate your help with this, and you will be mentioned in the Pudge credits once it is completed.