Lego Fudge Has Launched!

Remember that Lego Fudge project that I wrote about around a week ago? Well my Pick-A-Brick order arrived while I was in Las Vegas and I built the character sheets today! Tomorrow night I have to watch my children in the evening while my wife visits with their teachers. Usually I would go as well, but the schools prefer that students remain at home for these initial conferences. I do not know the reason behind this request, but I trust the faculty to know best as I have met many of them and they do seem to strive to produce children who can think for themselves.

Regardless, this means that tomorrow night my kids and I will be playing Lego Fudge for the first time! I will be taking pictures and you will see all of the Lego Fudge glory as I train my children in the art of Geek Fu! They will grow up strong in the ways of the Fudge! Oh yes, they will!

Expect more details tomorrow night!