Too Many Projects!

Lego Fudge was a blast with my kids tonight, but it will have to be tomorrow’s post as it will take me too long to put together all of the pictures and the text before midnight tonight. Instead I’m going to share how I need to cut back on projects and focus on one project at a time.

I have to cut back on all of the stuff that I am doing. I realize that I am spinning off too many ideas, and I am not seeing enough of these ideas through to completion. Now I believe that I have a lot of good ideas, but that is not very unique. Most people have lots of good ideas. Few people turn those good ideas into useful realities.

So I am going to start cutting back on what I allow myself to work on, and I will even force myself to use this blog as a daily designer’s journal for my single project regardless of what it is. That way if I have not worked on the project, or start to hear the siren call of another project your readers can call me out on straying away from what I said that I would work on.

Why the sudden interest in cutting back? Because I am going to form a small publishing company of my own. I do not really want to be a publisher, but I do want to have creative control over the many types of products that I keep dreaming up for gamers and GMs.

And I want this company to be profitable. That means treating it very seriously, and spending money on it. Lots of money, and preferably the money of investors instead of my own. I know that many people will tell me “You do not need investors.” and they would be right. In today’s world you can boot strap a business easily.

But there is something to be said about having investors, and that is that you are less likely to give up when you have spent someone else’s money and they are putting their faith in you to pay it back with interest. I want that kind of motivation and pressure. I respond well to it, so I am going to pursue some form of investors (Kickstarter is my first choice, even though it uses a model different from the typical investor model).

So tomorrow I will post about Lego Fudge and how it played tonight with my kids, but then on Thursday I will be announcing what projects I am putting on hold, and I will end the week with a Friday post announcing the one project that I will be working on for the next several months.

Hopefully you will all enjoy what I decide to pursue, and I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the idea.