God Is Not Pro Life

I saw a bumper sticker that read “God is pro-life!”

Now if you believe in a god, in particular the Judeo-Christian god mythos, then the bumper sticker’s intended message is that because god is pro-life you must also be pro-life or else you are going against this mythical god’s wishes. So all forms of abortion are forbidden for any reason (rape, incest, severe birth defects, pregnancy that endangers the mother’s life, economics, etc.).

I have gone back and forth on whether abortion is something that we should have in a modern culture where birth control is readily available, and in the end I came to the conclusion that I have no right to tell another person that they can not abort their pregnancy. The conclusion that I have reached on my own is that a pregnancy can be deadly to the mother. Even a healthy pregnancy can have complications that can result in either the mother or baby dying (possibly both).

I have no right to tell someone that they must endanger their life to serve another. This is why I believe that the abortion of a pregnancy is a choice left solely to the pregnant mother. Whether I agree or disagree with that choice is irrelevant.

But what about that bumper sticker? “God is pro-life!” is a pretty clear message, right?

Well, there is no god, but let’s look at the god in the Bible and ask if that fictional character is indeed pro-life:

  • Supposedly god is the divine creator of everything, so that means death was created by god as well. Okay, I could end right here because if you are the pro-life divine creator of everything why would you create death to begin with? At the very least, why did this pro-life god not make abortion physically impossible? Make fetuses bullet-proof and indestructible if you are pro-life god and you want to eliminate abortion from ever happening. Do not even get me started on pro-life god allowing miscarriages to happen with mothers who do want children of their own. Obviously this god is anything but pro-life, but hey, I am kind of digging this rant so I am moving onto the next point.
  • The pro-life god sends the angel of death to kill all of the first born of Egypt when Pharaoh refuses to free the Hebrew slaves. Never mind that this god could have just freed the slaves, being omnipotent and all, but this god decides to punish innocent people (including newborn babies fresh out of the womb) with mass murder. Not very pro-life if you ask me.
  • Throughout the Bible this god kills a lot. How many resurrections does this god allow? Two. One for Lazarus, and one for his son Jesus. According to the numbers god is pro-death, especially since everything eventually dies and therefore more deaths have occurred than there are currently living creatures.
  • This god kills in interesting ways. For example, Lot’s wife is killed by being turned into a pillar of salt. Why? Because as a whole city was being destroyed behind her, she looked over her shoulder and glanced at it. What if she did so as a reflex? Think about it: Lot’s wife hears something. Maybe one of the many screaming children being killed by this pro-life god right at that very moment? She reacts by turning around looking to help another human being. Her reward? She is turned into salt and is now destined to be on the rim of a margarita glass. I smell setup. Ponder on that one for a bit.
  • Did I mention that pro-life god let’s his only son die? Actually, pro-life god requires that his only son be killed in a horribly cruel manner in order to balance the scales for two hippies eating a forbidden piece of fruit that pro-life god made readily available to them.
  • We have come full circle. Why? Because omnipotent, omniscient, pro-life god actually allows for a serpent that tempts the previously mentioned hippies to be in the very same garden. Why would pro-life god allow for a creature to tempt two hippies who supposedly have no clue as to what is right or wrong until after they eat the forbidden fruit, to be in a garden with said forbidden fruit readily available with a freaking talking snake doing marketing for the forbidden fruit? Apparently, after many deaths later, so that pro-life god can have his own son killed. We will not get into the whole impregnating an engaged virgin thing at this time. I need future ideas for blog articles.

There you have it! The Judeo-Christian god is pro-death, and not pro-life. If you believe in this fictional god, then you cannot be anti-abortion. Abortions are obviously part of the pro-death god’s will. Pro-death god wants abortions.

Thank Dawkins, Hawking, and Hitchens that there is no god!