Evolution–Yes, There Is Scientific Evidence For It

Something that makes me cringe is when I read or hear someone say that “There is no scientific evidence that evolution is real.”

This statement says a great deal about the person making it, and absolutely nothing at all about the theory of evolution.

Via the fossil record and DNA we have physical evidence for evolution. Experiments have been done where the chemical compositions found in comets have been accelerated to speeds that upon impact with a surface the molecular structure needed for life are formed.  Geology has revealed a history of our planet that supports multiple collisions with comet like entities long before the dinosaurs took shape. There is a plethora of physical evidence for evolution.

What there is not is a single piece of evidence that disproves the theory of evolution. Not one incident of evolution being proven false has ever been discovered. None!

That is how science works. If you discover just one piece of evidence that disproves a theory then the whole theory is thrown out. You may build a new theory that accounts for the new evidence, but the original theory is toast.

With intelligent design, which is an invalid theory that has been disproven repeatedly, the story keeps changing. Intelligent design is not science. Intelligent design is the creation of organized religion for the purpose of suppressing science. If an intelligent design argument is found to be invalid that argument is quietly discarded and the “theory” is still defended with more bunk ideas.

Giraffes are used as an example of how such an animal would never have evolved to grow a long neck, but then the obvious flaws of such a “design” are revealed and unlike real science the theory of intelligent design is held to. Not to mention that the evidence that giraffes evolved long necks for mating purposes is conveniently overlooked.

With real science the evidence against a theory cannot be ignored. On the Origin of the Species was published back in 1859 and has stood up against the scientific method for 155 years! The Bible on the other hand is consistently found to be inaccurate, inspired by other works credited to human beings (and thus not the word of some god), and actually pretty inhumane in what it declares.

To sum it all up:

  1. The theory of evolution has stood up against scientific scrutiny since first being introduced.
  2. The Bible has been disputed and found false long before the theory of evolution was proposed.
  3. Intelligent design is religion using deception to appear as science.

I doubt that the theory of evolution will be disproven 155 years from now, but I am confident that someone will still be pushing the bunk of intelligent design by that time. They will have just changed their story repeatedly though.