Post Gen Con Status

First things first – this year Gnome Stew won the Silver ENnie for best blog and our new book Eureka: 501 Plots To Inspire Game Masters sold out at the Studio 2 Publishing booth.  How cool is that?  I am now part of an award winning blog and my first published work for RPGs is a success!

It feels odd that Gen Con ended less than two weeks ago.  While I am at the convention everything is a fast paced get-to-the-next-event rush that never seems to end.  Amidst that whirlwind of games and seminars I somehow find the time to hang out with my friends and make new ones.  Yet a mere two weeks later and Gen Con feels like a distant memory.  I am already looking forward to Gen Con 2011.

Not only did I have great success with Gnome Stew and Eureka, but my four Fudge games played very well and most of my seminars were packed.  My Fudge seminar was in one of the smaller rooms, because I planned for only twenty people to attend (for most seminars I plan for sixty attendees).  I suspect that thanks to games like The Dresden Files RPG that many more people are interested in the Fudge game system.  Needless to say my Fudge seminar was packed this year and that I will be planning for at least forty attendees next year.

Besides having all of my Fudge games sold out beforehand, and having a full house for all but one game where the sixth player never showed up, something else sold out at the con: Fudge dice!  By the time I got to the dealer room on Saturday (I was swamped with events Thursday and Friday) not a single Fudge dice could be found at any of the booths.  Chessex sold out of their new Fudge dice, and when I asked the Game Science guys if they had any Fudge dice they said no but that they might start making them before next year.  When more manufacturers start making Fudge dice that is a great sign for my favorite game system!

Add to all of that wonderful goodness the amazing feeling of seeing my own version of Fudge play so well in the convention events and I am a very happy Fudge gaming geek!  I am still working on the manuscript for my game, but it seems that the rules and the framework are solid.  Once the manuscript is done I’ll begin looking into hiring others to help with the layout and artwork.  Maybe by this time next year I will have my own Fudge game published.

How was your Gen Con?  Leave a comment below and let me know about the status of your own Fudge projects.