Why Haven’t I Bought The Dresden Files RPG Yet?

This is just an observation I have made about a change in what I want from an RPG.

When I look at either of the Dresden Files RPG books I must admit that the layouts and the books as a whole are beautiful.  Each book is obviously a product crafted with the utmost attention to detail and to quality.  The reviews for the game have been spectacular.  There are a lot of reasons to buy these books.

Yet there are two reasons why I do not buy the books: price and size.  The books are more than what I usually spend on an RPG, and I am not interested in reading a 400 page plus and 270 page plus set of RPG books.  I am fine with reading novels of those page counts or much higher, but with an RPG I just lose interest nowadays when the product is much more than one hundred pages.

Now before I go any further I want to make something clear – I am not saying that these are problems with the books.  I am saying that these are the two reasons that I have not bought the books myself.  I have just not been convinced as a consumer to buy, because I am becoming a fan of the many cheaper RPG products with shorter page counts.

Which is really odd to me.  As I mentioned already I enjoy novels with page counts much greater than these two books combined.  I can easily afford to buy both of these books (very easily since I only buy RPGs in PDF form these days and those are considerably less money).

I think that the main reason for this is that having spent over one hundred dollars on the three core books for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition and having slowly lost interest in that game since its release that I have just had a shift in my personal tastes for RPGs.

Have others had a similar reaction?  I am going to check out the Core Fate rules once they are released, and I still buy other products from Evil Hat, but is the era of expensive (relative to the cost of other RPGs currently available) and large page count RPGs over?  I look at more and more books on the shelves of my local game shop that are large hardcover books and I just pass them over.  Instead I want smaller cheaper books, like the many products available for the Savage Worlds system.

Is the future of RPGs short digest format books, or more likely PDFs, for a low price point?  I still see lots of big hardcover books selling for $30 or more out there, but I just no longer feel the desire to own them even when they impress me.