Got To Get This Off Of My Chest

Last week I mentioned how my tastes are changing with RPGs and I was hesitant to buy the Dresden Files RPG as my tastes changed. This caused a little bit of a stir when Fred Hicks tweeted about my article.

Fred offered me a review copy of the DFRPG, and I am reading it now so that I can post my review of it before Valentine’s Day. Yet I am bothered by some of the things that others said in tweets in response to my article.

To be clear, Fred himself defended my position and was very polite in regards to how he reacted to my article. As Fred mentioned in an email to me when we discussed the review article there is “no bad blood here”. Fred is a nice guy, and I feel that he has been nothing but professional and courteous to me in every way.

There were some tweets that bothered me though that were made by others. First I will address the ones from people who seemed to think that I wrote that article for attention. I write for Gnome Stew which has 3,700 plus followers. If I want something to get attention I will post it to Gnome Stew. This blog is personal. I honestly do not care if no one reads it.

Furthermore I have a very fulfilling career and personal life. Between my wife and children I receive plenty of love and attention. If I post something here it is because I find it interesting, not because I want or need others to pay attention to me.

Yes I want to produce some great stuff for fans of Fudge and RPGs in general, but I have no intentions of ever making a living that way (I am very well paid through my profession). I am already part of an ENnie award winning site and I have co-authored a book that has sold well and that has been very well received by RPG fans.

In other words, I do not need negative attention. I am accomplished and I am already receiving positive attention for those accomplishments. Please do not associate what I say on this site as being motivated by anything else other than my desire to share what I think about RPGs, Fudge, and my hobby in general. If you do not like what I have to say do not read this blog. I really am quite fine with this blog going unnoticed on the Internet.

If you do read and enjoy my blog I thank you for taking the time to visit this site. I hope that I am bringing something of value to your day.

The other comments that bothered me were regarding my preference for shorter page counts with RPGs. People said things like “Seems like he just wants everything handed to him.” or “What does he want? A Cliff Notes version?”

My answer to this is yes. Yes I want my RPGs to be short, simple, and easy to play. I am not saying that all RPGs should be this way, but that I want the RPGs that I spend my money on to be this way. I want games that require less of my most precious resource – time.

Again, I have a solid career and family life and that means I am busy. I write most of this blog’s articles on the weekend when I have some free time and schedule them to post throughout the week. I work long hours and I am constantly trying to find ways to squeeze more productivity out of my day.

So I want shorter and easier RPGs to get a game going with. When I have to decide on whether or not I will buy an RPG the amount of pages that it has directly relates to the amount of time that I must invest into that game. My priorities put RPGs at the bottom of the list, and my time must be used to address all of my higher priorities first.

The reason why these comments bother me is because they imply that I am lazy. I am not. I am actually quite a hard worker. That impacts my purchasing decisions, so I hope that others now have a better understanding of why I want shorter page counts for the RPGs that I buy.

Writing about these things helps me to forget about them, so thanks to all of you who took the time to read this. Consider it to be my own personal therapy via WordPress. Even if no one reads this, I now feel better about the matter.