And We're Off!

Well I switched the forum software to the Simple Machines Forum software and I am much happier with it. I’ve been posting my ideas to boards that I have created solely for this game design. I’m hoping to generate some discussions soon with my ideas, and more importantly to start hearing the ideas of others. Want to get invlolved? Join the forum!

The wiki is still down. My hosting service

Trim Back To Get Moving Again

So I’m revising my outline for SinisterForces and not changing anything. Instead I’m cutting back on what I wanted to do with the game, or at least shortening what I’ve decided to keep. I don’t want to go back to the drawing board, because I’ve been down that road and you just find yourself in an endless loop. This is different, because I’m stripping the system down to what makes

What is SinisterForces supposed to do?

SinisterForces is supposed to be filtered version of the Fudge system. That is it. No more, and no less.

Fudge is a great game designer’s kit, but in my opinion it is not a game itself. It isn’t even a game engine. It is a collection of parts and tools from which both games and game engines are built. You build games using Fudge instead of playing a game called Fudge

Chapter 2 Completed!

I just finished Chapter 2 as I had planned to do before the end of this week. It feels good to set a goal and achieve it. Tomorrow I will begin on Chapter 3 which is the chapter on combat.

This will be a short post tonight, because I feel like I’ve been pushing it physically lately with work and other matters and I can feel the start of a cold

Just 2 More Sections Needed For Chapter 2

I’m going to try and complete Chapter 2 by tonight. I only have the Power and Gear sections left. The problem is that I am physically exhausted from this week (worked a lot of hours everday of this week except the holiday). I barely slept and I know that I am going to crash soon. I can just feel it this morning.

So the plan for today is to write during