I just finished the Skills section during my morning train ride to work (it is over an hour long commute, great writing time). I now just need to focus on the Quirks, Powers, and Gear sections of the chapter. If I can keep at this current pace I will definitely hit my goal of finishing Chapter 2 before the end of this week.

I’ve learned a great deal about what works

Now that Chapter 1 is completed in its rough form it is time to move ahead with Chapter 2. Here is what I planned on doing for Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Character Creation
The Core Traits
Simple Quirks
Complex Quirks
Specialty Quirks

This chapter will take longer than Chapter 1 did to complete, because I don’t have a holiday to spend working on it and I don’t have as much raw material in my notes and

“I have decided to write my own RPG”

That my friends, is the easy part. That is what I said several years ago, and I still haven’t finished the game. Why? Because I keep going back to a blank canvas.

You see, the problem isn’t that the game isn’t ready. The game has been ready in several different versions. Each one scrapped when I saw that it hadn’t quite meet my expectations