A Four Page Adventure

A quick post from the BlackBerry as I am gathering my thoughts for a four page adventure module (not counting one page for a map, and four one page NPC descriptions with stats).

The first page will introduce the PCs to the setting as well as to provide a social reason for a conflict with the antagonist. The second page will establish a challenge for the PCs to overcome that puts them in direct opposition to the antagonist. The third page will introduce a complication to increase the tension for the PCs. The fourth page is the exciting conclusion where the PCs and the antagonist face off.

The NPCs will include the antagonist, the petitioner who seeks to gain the PC’s aid, a lieutenant of the antagonist, and a third party scoundrel type who the PCs must deal with. The map, or a single page of small and simple maps, will be designed to include challenging terrain for the corresponding encounter.

I’m leaning towards sci-fi for the genre, and the due date for this project is to have it ready for downloading one week before the Day of Fudge.

That is the basic layout I expect the final product to be 10 to 12 pages once a title page, artwork, and credits are added. All that in less than a month.

I have a good deal of work to do.