Meet Zoe

Here is the first NPC I have created for my Day of Fudge game on June 5th at Unique Gifts & Games in Grayslake, IL. Zoe is the lieutenant of the main antagonist in my short adventure titled “Get the Girl”.

Spoiler alert! If you plan on playing in my Fudge game at UG&G you should not read this post. It will just lessen your enjoyment of the game in my opinion.

Zoe Petukhov

Sex: Female
Age: 26
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 136 lbs

Attributes: (2 free levels, 3 taken)
    1    Reasoning: Good
    0    Perception: Fair
    -1    Willpower: Mediocre
    -1    Strength: Mediocre
    3    Agility: Superb
    1    Health: Good

Scratch: 1-2 [ ][ ][ ], Hurt: 3-4 [ ], Very Hurt: 5-6 [ ], Incapacitated: 7-8 [ ], Near Death: 9+

Skills: (33 free levels, 36 taken)
        Combat: 4 pts
    5    Tactics: Superb
    4    Read Opponent: Great
    4    Fast-draw: Great
    3    Pistol: Good
    3    Knife: Good
    2    Brawling (Easy): Good
    2    Rifle: Fair
    2    EVA Combat: Fair
    2    Zero G Combat: Fair
        General: 1 pt
    2    Intimidate: Fair
    2    Interrogate: Fair
    2    First aid: Fair
    1    Piloting: Mediocre
    2    Mechanic: Fair

Gifts: (0 free levels, 1 taken)
    1    Always Keeps Cool

Faults: (2 taken)
    1    Blunt And Tactless
    1    Must Obey Senior Officers

Knife (Sheathed in left boot.; Base Damage: 1; Offensive Modifier: 0)
Pulse Rifle (Strength: 5)
Compact Basic Toolkit
Magnetic Rail Pistol (Strength: 3)

Story: Zoe Petukhov was abandoned to the care of the state at the age of three. She was immediately placed into the Unwanted Juveniles Career Program (UJCP). The purpose of the UJCP is to raise orphans or children who are removed from their parents’ custody as wards of the state to be trained for various professions. 98% of all UJCP wards are raised and trained as part of the military.

By the age of seven Zoe was certified as combat ready and deployed on her first tour of duty. By the age of seventeen she had completed ten tours of combat duty. At the age of eighteen the UJCP had to release Zoe from military service by law although Zoe could volunteer to enlist on her own. Yet in a twist of irony she was rejected for enlisted service due to her psychological evaluation which reported that Zoe had a "dangerous obsession with violence and combat". For the second time in her life Zoe was abandoned and discarded to the void.

Zoe booked passage on a small cruiser that was taking a group of miners and their families to the other side of known space to help teraform a newly discovered planet. Upon entering the ship Zoe was immediately suspicious of the operation. The supplies were too few for such a long trip, and the miners were actually refugees hoping to find work. Zoe had been deceived into boarding one of Carston Gournet’s slavers, and before she could escape the slaver had launched into orbit.

Most people would panic when the slave drivers emerged with pulse rifles pointed at the helpless innocents hoarded into the cargo bay whom they were kidnapping. Zoe calmly proceeded to disarm one of the slave drivers, kill three of his colleagues (one with a head shot), and cripple two more. Zoe then captured Carston’s former second in command and made her way onto the bridge of the slaver to speak with Carston himself.

To his credit, Carston recognized the pure talent that Zoe possessed and offered her the job of being his new second in command. Most people would have cursed Carston, and pledged to destroy him and abolish the slave trade. Zoe calmly proceeded to accept Carston’s offer.

Why be thrown back into the void when someone was willing to take you in?

Ever since that moment Zoe has faithfully served Carston as his second in command. Zoe has captured, transported, and sold countless slaves in her service to Carston throughout the years. Never once has Zoe regretted her decision. Right or wrong, at least Carston has not abandoned Zoe.
Appearance: Zoe has an athletic build with a very lean and toned to her. She would be considered quite attractive by most if it were not for the aura of coldness that seems to radiate from her.

Appearance: Zoe is often dressed in her old military fatigues, combat boots, and the multi-pocketed field jacket worn by grunts. For formal occasions Zoe will wear her full dress military uniform which she keeps immaculate. Zoe keeps her hair cut short and never wears make-up of any type. Zoe has a few noticeable scars on her forearms that she received while defending herself against a knife wielding enemy combatant during one of her tours of duty.