My 2010 “Day of Fudge” Adventure!

June 5th was the “Day of Fudge” for 2010, and I ran a four hour Fudge game session at Unique Gifts & Games in Grayslake, IL where I live. Here is the adventure that I created for it:

Get the Girl!

Now I had hoped to have completed my adventure one week before the DoF, so that I could post it to the web for others to use. Now nearly a month later I am finally sharing the adventure now. Yet I am not upset with myself because what was supposed to be an eight page adventure is now over twenty pages.

The game itself was a fairly good one. I ran Fudge with a much more objective approach and I am enjoying that type of Fudge game more and more. We used tokens for miniatures, a battle mat, pre-generated player characters, my initiative system that uses playing cards, and Fudge points in the form of poker chips.

The game had five players although I had planned on having six. The adventure played well and the players seemed to have a good time. For time purposes I had to skip my second and third encounters and went straight into the fourth encounter. There was a PC death due to a –4 roll at a crucial moment, and another PC death when the game ran late and a player had to leave so I killed the PC for story purposes since no one wanted to take over the character.

In the end I had a great time and the players that I talked to later seemed to have fun too. I also was inspired to add a few new mechanics to my Fudge games, and this game was helpful to me in developing not just the SinisterForces game setting but also a new type of product line. I hope to pitch it to a few people at Gen Con this year. 🙂

Who else ran games for the DoF this year? Tell me about your experiences and feel free to leave your feedback on my adventure with a comment.