Planning the New Season of ?

Doctor Who: Adventures In Time and Space from Cubicle 7, Battlestar Galactica from Margaret Weis Productions, and Serenity also from Margaret Weis Productions are the leading candidates for my next RPG campaign. All three are incredibly simple RPG systems to learn and to play, and all three are also licensed products based on television series. So why not plan this next campaign to be like a television series?

Once I decide which of these three games I will run (Doctor Who is the most likely choice right now) I’m going to write up a 12 episode series using some tricks you often see used in television:

  • Pilot episode to establish the heroes and the villains.
  • One session storylines so that four hours of game play introduces and resolves a unique conflict.
  • Cliff hanger two (or more) part episodes for the mid-season and the season finale episodes as ways to introduce major plots twists and resolutions.
  • Special guest star episodes when characters from the television series that each game is based upon show up for one session as an NPC.
  • A single thread that appears in several (but not all) sessions that leads directly to a big conflict during the season finale.

Has anyone done this as a GM themselves? If so, what game and what tools did you use to design the campaign with?