Write When You Hate It

Writing is hard work. I do not care who the writer is. I do not care how much talent the writer has. I certainly don’t care what is being written about. None of these things make the act of writing any easier.

There are times when I get angry about having to write. My mind is exhausted. My body is tired. The last that I want to do is to pull out my laptop and write. It takes endurance to write everyday.

Writing is more than just spitting out words. It is composing ideas, and then finding the words to express those ideas with. Writing is pushing yourself to create something original, and that is difficult to do when it seems that nothing is original anymore.

Yet the only way to get to those original ideas out is to write everyday. You must write something everyday no matter how exhausted you are. Not just type out an email, or complete a document. You have to push your mind to produce content even when you are sure that not a single original idea is left in your head.

Those days when you dread to write? Those are the days that you must write. The days when it is hardest to write are the days that need to write. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

Writers write when it is difficult to do so.