“Day of Fudge” Goodness Is Spreading!

I want to thanks Michael Wolf from the excellent blog Stargazer’s World for spreading the word and stepping up to run a DoF event this year. That is the kind of word of mouth that an event like the DoF needs in order to succeed.

I also want to thank Abraham Neddermann of Dicecreator’s Blog for the DoF raffle that is being held on the site right now! You leave a comment and you might win custom Fudge dice! That is just awesome to me in so many different ways.

Today on Gnome Stew I posted about the DoF, and I also announced that if you want help planning your DoF event that I am there for you! No really! I have setup a board on my other web site You Meet In A Tavern and I will be helping anyone who posts a question there regarding the DoF to run the best event possible.

I’m also working on another secret project to make this year’s DoF the best one yet, but I won’t talk about that until it is a definite thing. But why should I have all of the fun? If you are a fan of Fudge and you are reading this article right now take a moment and plan one thing to do on the “Day of Fudge” and then announce it to the world before you do anything else.

No. Seriously, go plan and announce a DoF event right now. This blog will still be here when you get back.

If you took a moment to do what I asked then your karma has just increased to Superb!

Winking smile