What RPGs Did You Play As A Kid?

I was just thinking about the RPGs that I played as kid/teenager that got me hooked on this hobby:

  • Villains & Vigilantes – Back in print once again, this is by far my favorite game for the Supers genre. I had pages upon pages of characters created for V&V, and I still find artwork that I did for this game when I dig through my old gaming gear.
  • Basic Dungeons & Dragons – The elf and dwarf were a class, and nobody seemed to care. Rust monsters and kobolds were major threats, and clerics could only use blunt weapons. Was it simple? Yes. Was it mundane? Not by a long shot!
  • Top Secret/S.I. – I feel that the hand-to-hand combat and damage systems of this game has yet to be equaled by another game. It had great supplements, and it captured the modern action setting brilliantly!

I would be lying if I said that these games don’t influence my expectations for games today. They do. They always will. These were the games that I really sunk myself into. Sure there wasn’t much depth to Basic D&D to be honest, but I made tons of material for it. I learned to be a game master because of these games, and my goal is to design a game that is as memorable to play as these games were.

What about you? What games were your introduction to RPGs? Leave a comment below and share your favorite RPGs from childhood with the rest of us.