Why I Left the Fudge RPG Community Yahoo Group

On April 3rd, 2011 I left the Fudge RPG Community Yahoo Group. Now this is not very big news, but I wanted to share my reasons for leaving the group. I think that it is only fair that when a person decides to leave an organization, any organization, that those who remain know why that individual left. This is not for the purpose of taunting the group, but so that the group can determine if they are on track or not. You can’t make everybody happy, but if a person leaves your group because he or she felt that it was not accomplishing what the group was intended to do your organization needs that feedback.

First things first: I did not leave the group because of any personal problem with any of the other members. No one insulted me or upset me in anyway. The members of the group were polite on most occasions (no group is polite all of the time).

The reason I left the community is because I did not feel like I was part of a community. My attempts at promoting the “Day of Fudge” (more on that tomorrow) and “The One Month Adventure Challenge” (more on that in about 2 months) never seemed to ignite much enthusiasm. I cannot think of another event that another member of the group proposed, but maybe I wasn’t looking for one.

So I joined the community hoping that the members as individuals would collaborate together in order to accomplish bigger and better things. Yet it felt like the other members of the community were not interested in such things. My primary reason for joining the group was not being met.

In addition to the community not meeting my expectations for a community I feel that the group was focused on individual game masters working on tweaking Fudge to suit their individual games. I wanted to work with others to create actual products that would take Fudge in radical new directions if possible. My impression of the topics in the mailing list was that they were focused on more surgical alterations of the common Fudge rules. So my secondary motive for joining the group was not being met either.

So that is why I left the Fudge RPG Community Yahoo Group. Nothing sinister about it. I just was not getting what I wanted out of the group, and I suspect that I was not contributing what the majority of the group wants from its members. I wish all of the members luck with their projects though, and I hope that they continue to expand their ranks and promote Fudge as they see fit.