A Moment To Reflect…

I feel very happy with how my blog has been going lately. I have not had a huge increase in registered members, and the most unique visitors that this site has ever had in one day is 60 (for the release of Budge v1.0). I want these numbers to go up as well, but the numbers are not what is giving me a real sense of satisfaction with the site.

What is giving me a sense of satisfaction is that those numbers have improved slightly ever since I made a commitment to myself to try and post something to this site every weekday. On January 8th I wrote a short post about What I Learned From Seth Godin and that lesson is what I credit for the many subtle improvements that I have been making to this site ever since. The number of posts that I have written has increased, I have been more creative with the site, and following last week’s goal of creating usable Fudge materials daily I have discovered what I like best about both Fudge and blogging – creating new materials.

I am a creator. I create stuff for the Fudge RPG system. I’m going to put more effort into that from now on, and that ties in perfectly with my goals for Budge v2.0. I focused on the big picture with Budge v1.0, and the results were okay. I did produce a document, and I did get a lot of ideas onto paper. Now I want something more usable, and with more personality. I also want to embrace the most basic Fudge mechanics and have those unique personal spins come from my setting materials.

Expect more ready-to-use Fudge content in the days ahead, as well as more of my crude artwork (drawing on a tablet device is an adjustment). If you have a request feel free to share it with me by leaving a comment below, and you can always tell me what you think of my posts by doing the same.