Martian Invader Stats

With the “Day of Fudge” quickly approaching I thought that I would share my concept for a Martian Invader. If you have been following this blog you know that I am running a session titled “Mars Attacks the Suburbs!” for this year’s DoF, and this is going to be my basic bad guy for that event. If you are playing in my DoF game and don’t want any spoilers besides the picture below I suggest that you skip today’s blog post for now.



The Martian Invader has travelled from its underground polar ice cap fortress on Mars to conquer the lowly human race. It has spent decades learning about the humans’ pathetic defenses, and it has studied human technology in order to adapt it to the Martians’ mission. It has nothing but hate and anger for the humans in all three of his hearts, and it will stop at nothing to show the humans who is the master of not just Mars but Earth as well!

Basic Tactics

The Martian Invader is a sneaky bugger. It uses its Martian Tool Kit and Alter Technology skill to convert basic human appliances and vehicles into devastating contraptions of Martian destruction. Refrigerators become freeze rays, and stereo equipment becomes sonic bubble entrapment units. Then the Martian Invader uses its Mimic Sounds ability to lure unsuspecting humans closer to its fiendish threats.

Besides their crafty traps, Martian Invaders rely heavily on their Plasma Pistols to attack others with. They are not skilled hand-to-hand fighters, but a Martian Invader will use its tentacle limbs and Entangle Opponent skill in order to reduce the Defensive Damage Modifier of an opponent by –1 so that another Martian Invader may attack the target. Up to 3 Martian Invaders may attack a single human sized target this way.


Brawn: Mediocre

Reflexes: Good

Perception: Great

Reason: Fair

Willpower: Mediocre

Health: Mediocre


Plasma Pistol: Mediocre

Alter Technology: Fair (target rank is determined by GM based upon how well suited the technology is for the altered concept that the Martian Invader has for it, may require a Fudge point to use)

Comprehend Languages: Mediocre

Pilot Flying Saucer: Fair

Special Abilities

Entangle Opponent: Good

Mimic Sounds: Good


Plasma Pistol: Offensive Damage Modifier +2 (9 shots before needing to recharge, takes 5 minute to recharge from any electrical power source)

Personal Force Field: Defensive Damage Modifier +2

Martian Tool Kit: +1 to Alter Technology skill rolls.

Fudge Points

Martian Invaders each have 1 Fudge point, but they may pool their points together to use as needed by any member of the pool. It takes one round for a Martian Invader to join or leave a Fudge point pool. Upon leaving the pool the Martian Invader takes 1 Fudge point with them (never more than 1, and there must be at least 1 Fudge point available or the Martian Invader leaves the pool with no Fudge points).

More After the “Day of Fudge”!

I will be working on turning my “Mars Attacks the Suburbs!” scenario into a complete adventure available for download as a PDF some time after this year’s DoF. For now let me know what you think of the Martian invader by leaving a comment below.