New Goal: Submit SinisterForces to the RPGBloggers Network

You may have noticed that I have been producing content on a daily basis for a good stretch so far. As of tomorrow I will have posted every weekday for 6 weeks straight. I’ve posted about 70 items in the last 5 months, and by my count that is about 95 weekdays.

But I want to do better, so I have created a little challenge for myself: If I can blog every weekday from now until June 30th I will submit my blog to the RPGBloggers Network for their consideration for membership. That means I have to produce 30 more articles between now and then. Doubling up and producing two articles for the same day will not count. A new article must be posted every weekday between 12:00am to 11:59pm. No exceptions, and no excuses.

Why do this? Because I think that a lot of great blogs are already a part of the RPGBloggers Network, like Stargazer’s World and Jeff’s Gameblog. I also want more exposure for my blog, and joining a network will help with that too.

But the big reason to do this is the challenge! I want to produce great stuff here, and I want to produce it consistently. You will only improve if you push yourself harder to surpass your previous accomplishments. That is the reason to bust my ass for the next month and a half and write 30 new articles. To become a better blogger, and to improve my writing style.

So wish me luck! If you know of another blog that is a part of the RPGBloggers Network that you are a fan of, please share it by including a link in a comment below.