Running Icons for Free RPG Day

This year I will be running an Icons game at Unique Gifts & Games located at 82 Center Street in Grayslake, IL for Free RPG Day. I don’t have all of the details yet, but I do have the scenario:

The Bench Warmers: The villains had been planning their attack for weeks. Every single superhero in the city was caught off guard and none of them survived. Luckily for you the villains did not bother to plan the assassination of the lowly bench warmers. Why worry about heroes like The Distracting Man, and Madam Relationship Issues? Yeah, you were lucky. Unfortunately, now you and your fellow bench warmers are the only hope that the city has. Someone better wring out The Amazing Sponge. Looks like The Bench Warmers are at bat!

More will be posted about this in the near future. If you have your own plans for Free RPG Day feel free to share them here by leaving a comment below.