The Hivemind – A Fudge Supervillain

Born on the planet Geon on the other side of the universe, Teb Y’w’lloh was banished from his home world for disturbing the natural eco system. On Geon all beings are telepathically linked, right down to the insects, and Teb was caught trying to redesign the environment to better suit his own personal gain by planting subliminal messages into bugs that would then deliver these “suggestions” to other beings. Of course, on a planet of telepaths it wasn’t hard to discover Teb’s ridiculous scheme.Hivemind by Patrick Benson

He was given a Geon wormhole sled and launched into deep space with a lifetime of supplies, which for Geonites takes up about a eight cubic feet of space since they eat highly concentrated foodstuffs. Vowing revenge Teb shook his fist at Geon before slamming it hard into the wormhole sled’s console, which is when he accidentally smashed the navigation unit and launched into a random wormhole with no way to return to Geon ever again.

Teb crash landed on Earth in the wilderness north of Seattle. Having trashed the wormhole sled and having only his basic supplies he came across some hikers and immediately used his species’ cloaking ability to appear human to cover up his blue skin, compound eyes, and antennae. He quickly learned English via a telepathic probe, and when he realized that humans were not telepathic he immediately used his mesmerism to control the hikers with. It failed miserably, and the hikers continued on laughing at him as they began to walk away.

Teb discovered that he could not control a human mind directly, but that he could use the very trick that he was banished from Geon for to dominate human beings. He implanted suggestions into two flies which then landed on the hikers and gave Teb the telepathic bond that he needed to dominate the hikers completely. He took the hikers’ money, had them take him back to their car, and then had them drive him into the city.

Now going by the name Ted Holloway, the scorned son of Geon (as he refers to himself) is also known as the supervillain Hivemind! Using swarms of insects he overpowers the wills of others and uses them to carry out his notorious plans. So far those plans have been to collect wealth and luxuries for himself, but one day he will use the humans as a slave army to return to Geon in order to conquer it. One day. He really is not in a rush to get there at this moment.

Attributes: Reason – Mediocre, Perception – Fair, Willpower – Good, Brawn – Mediocre, Reflexes – Mediocre, Health – Great

Skills: Mesmerism – Poor, Basic Science – Good, Con Artist – Great

Powers: Insect Control – Good, Mind Control – Good (must be in control of an insect swarm that can reach the target first), Assimilate Languages – Fair, Disguise Self – Mediocre (this power is used to disguise himself as a particular person, but he can always appear as the human “Ted Holloway” at will)

Fudge Points – 5


This has been a fun week for me focusing solely on designing usable materials for Fudge games. I hope that you find them useful for your own games, and if you feel like commenting on any of this week’s offerings please do so.