The Plan For Next Week

I have picked up my A-Z creatures series again and I will be launching the week with my Fudge stats for dragons! This got me thinking that I should dedicate the entire week to producing content for Fudge in the form of items, monsters, and characters. So here is the line-up for next weeks articles:

Monday – Fudge dragons. ‘Nuff said.

Tuesday – 5 items for your Fudge fantasy game.

Wednesday – 3 types of soldiers for your Fudge games.

Thursday – 5 items for your Fudge sci-fi game.

Friday – A Fudge villain for you supers game.

I think this might be a formula I use more often from now on. It helps to get me on track for the upcoming week’s writing projects, and it feels like a good way to contribute to Fudge fans of all types. If presenting next week’s line-up like this and focusing on content for your Fudge games is the kind of thing that you want to see more of then leave a comment below.